Thursday, April 23, 2009


If you've ever played The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, You'll remember the tingle turner.

What a useless item that is!

While it allowed for two player game play, it was mostly use for two player-being -a-total-DICK. A typical conversation using the tingle turner:

-"Stop using all my coins!"
-"Well, I got to do something, I'm kinda bored..."
-"Just, Stick to me, hit R."
-"I'm bored again, I'll go exploring. What's the button to release myself of of you? 'a'?"
-"DON'T PRESS A, THAT'S THE-- bomb. Well, there you go, you just blew me off a cliff."
-"Is it 'b'?"
-"No that's the 'annoy me' button. That's it, screw the tingle turner!"

It wasn't even coded right! If you use the B button while link opened a chest, the game would freeze. What a dumb idea...


Holly Yerkie said...

Hahaha, that's great! ^^

I've never played that one though, sadness.

Thomas Collin said...

You totally should, it's an orgy of cell shaded colours.

Benjamin said...

HeeeeYY!! you forgot to mention the tingle statues! if you have a friend go through the dungeons with you, the tingle bombs can find hidden treasures! there are 5 statues to get, all of which are just Tingle in a super fruity pose, and they show up on tingle's wankery island, his brother even gives you some rupees to make up for all the coins you lost as your friend blasted you to smithereens!
also I like how you gave him the blue outfit, thats the one I'm using right now! :D

Thomas Collin said...

Definitely. Crawdad shirt is way more laid back than the traditional clothes.

I left out the statues quest because only super nerds bothered with that. It's like doing the quest with the Koroks. Who the hell sailed the world with tree piss in their pocket? Jerks, That's who.

Benjamin said...

Hey now, It was totally worth a heart piece. Totally... ok no, it wasn't ;(

Tim said...


Laura Blackbeard said...

links face is pure gold in this