Tuesday, April 28, 2009

United We Stand

So I was gonna wait until I had a few more of these done and post them together, but I've decided to try and stop Thomas from taking over the blog. Or maybe I'm trying to take over as well....

Look at the picture!


Holly Yerkie said...


That's super cute too Sonya. Lemme guess...Pomeranian, doberman, German Shepard and a dachshund?

Sonya Somers said...

Well, it's a rottweiler, not a doberman, but they do have the same colours, so I can see where you got that, lol.

And the one on the end was supposed to be a manchester terrier but they've got the same colours as rottweilers, so I kinda mixed him with a minpin (miniature pinscher)

You're right about the rest :D