Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Invitation ;)

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since anyone's posted, I just wanted to invite everyone to participate in the ol' Tara's Drawing Jam,it's bi-weekly and on-going. I have just been finding it hard to do both myself, but also I have been finding the "Themes" are very specialized. Maybe if they were more open as I feel the original themes were. Something like "Chris Angel is a Douche" could just be "street magic" (not to pick on whoever did that theme just the first example that I saw). I don't know how everyone else feels, but I feel they are a bit constricting?

Drop me line on how things are going with you ;)


Mongoose said...

Hey Tara! Things do seem to have gone into 'pause' haven't they? I've gone and updated the past themes section and listed the most recent ones that we've had to date, now in alphabetical order. (think I'm missing some though, I had a bunch in e-mails that I recently deleted...sorry!) We'll try and keep some more open themes for the next batch. (We're not through all of the ones that I have yet. :)

I'm sure that once we're done with Thomas' Catalogue Comic project we'll get back into these themes.

Thanks for thinking of us with the invite, I'll try and pop over for a drawing or two!

Tara said...

That is awesome, there are some that I always forget and can never think to go back! Thanks Holly! Love to see some of your guys stuff on the Jam, and maybe you old veterans of the Jam could give some critique to the neubes!

What is the Catalogue comic project that sounds interesting! Would love to see what you guys are up to!


Holly Yerkie said...

The catalogue comic is Thomas' idea. One of us writes a short script, and then whoever has agreed to join gets a few pages to draw in comic book form. We aren't allowed to see each others drawings before they get posted, and when we're all finished we have one complete story but in a variety of styles and character interpretations. We have one up so far here:

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